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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 18, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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an unprecedented display of personal touch. wading into the crowd, shaking hands, kissing babies. >> this is somebody who is with the people. he's speaking to them. i think that message goes far. >> reporter: today, he prepared for the inaugural mass of his papacy. among the people coming, president christina kirchner of his native argentina. human rights activists say the then archbishop in buenos aires turned a blind eye to atrocities in the 1970s. the vatican has rejected those accusations as quote slander. the mass will take place tomorrow. vice president joe biden arrived in rome overnight. and president obama is leaving the country later this week to israel. it will be the first time, john and diana, that president obama and vice president biden will be out of the country at the same time. back to you.
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>> thank you, devin dwyer. in washington for us this morning. tomorrow's installation mass begins at 4:30 eastern time. abc news will have live coverage on air and online. two people are dead after their plane crashed into a south bend neighborhood. the jet was having mechanical problems. as it tried to land at a nearby airport. it hit two houses and then became stuck inside a third home. this woman heard the engine struggling. >> all of a sudden, sputtering or something. and then boom. nothing else. got real quiet. about 30 seconds later, i started hearing fire trucks. i said to my husband, i think a plane just crashed. >> the situation in the neighborhood especially dangerous because of the spilled jet fuel. and the structural damage to the homes. now to the guilty verdicts in the rape case that divided an ohio town and drew attention from around the country.
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two high school football stars have been found guilty of raping a young girl. she was too drunk to remember what happened. but it all played out on the internet. more now from abc alex perez. >> reporter: 17-year-old trent mays and 16-year-old ma'lik richmond burst into tears. consoled by his mother, richmond turned to the family of the 16-year-old girl he and mays were convicted of sexual assaulting and begged for forgiveness. >> i would like to apologize to you people. i had no intentions of doing that. i'm sorry to put you guys through this. i just -- [ sobbing ] >> reporter: prosecutors said the victim was too drunk to consent. elizabeth vargas asked richmond if he was ready for the verdict. >> even if i find i'm not guilty, it will haunt me because of the way my name was thrown around, all the negativity on my name now, all the dirt. so it really doesn't even matter. >> it doesn't matter? >> no. >> what was the most hurtful things people were saying about you?
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>> that you should hang him. >> reporter: the case ignited a national fire storm when this picture of mays and richmond was shared online. >> the key evidence in the case was a photograph sent out on social media. text messages sent by the defendants. >> reporter: those texts and images compounding the victim's pain while giving prosecutors more evidence. with the trial behind them, this small town now looking forward. the way the charges break down, mays faces a minimum of two years at a juvenile detention center and richmond at least a year. depending on behavior, they could be held up until the age 21. richmond's attorney says they do plan to appeal. alex perez, abc news, steubenville, ohio. former governor sarah palin stole the show at an important weekend meeting of conservatives outside of washington. she was far and way the crowd favorite at the conservative political action conference.
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and as we have come to expect, she put the president in her cross hairs and in her comedic cross hairs and she came up with some zingers. >> more background checks? dandy idea, mr. president. should have started with yours. >> michael bloomberg also in her cross hairs. she sipped on a supersized soda. bloomberg has tried to ban soda of that size. investigators in pennsylvania are still trying to determine the cause of a bus crash that killed a women's lacrosse coach. the bus slammed into a stree. it killed the driver as well. students gathered at the chapel to remember kristina quigley who was six months pregnant when she died. investigators spent the first full day looking at the cause of a blaze that took six buildings and more than 100 homes in myrtle beach. no one was hurt in the fire that
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was one of dozens that broke out across the state this weekend. a giant storm going across much of the country today. triggering winter storm watches in 21 states now, warnings and watches. blowing snow creating blizzard conditions from the dakotas into iowa. it's stormy all the way to the east coast. boston, new york, snow. all snow inland from western pennsylvania to morning new england. severe storms in the southeast. >> a wet 69 in atlanta. 40 here in new york. mostly 30s from boston to omaha. 50s in the northwest. >> i can't get enough of this video. take a look at this beautiful aurora borealis, also known the northern lights. this is in central minnesota. is this not awesome? people traveled from hundreds of miles way just to see the spectacular light show put on by mother nature. they were triggered by solar flares that enter the earth's magnetic field. it happened last week. that's the show. unbelievable. >> beautiful. >> crazy good. business news is coming up next, including a threat of a
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new money crisis in europe, expected to impact trading today. and a prison break by helicopter. the hollywood-style escape leading to an all-out man hunt overnight. poor pup. how did a dog bound for phoenix end up in ireland? that story coming up.
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and welcome back. there's a new financial crisis looming in europe. overseas markets and the euro are down sharply this morning. as investors worry the terms of the cypress bailout could send europe into another financial crisis.
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it calls for a tax on every bank account in cypress. the euro hit its lowest level this year. europe's largest bank wants to get leern and meern. it is part of strategy to make it more profitable. more than 40,000 employees and 50 branchs in the u.s. this week, the postal service be told to keep on delivering on saturday. it says it can save $2 billion by cutting saturday delivery. we're told that tourism to an unlikely spot is booming. north korea is a military dictatorship with constant surveillance that spends more money on rockets and weapons than its own people. a tour company expects five times as many tourist this is year as it did four years ago,
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when tourism wiz first aloud. that's only a total of 500. >> 500 people. oz great and powerful. magic again at the box thaufs week. the film, like abc news, is part of disney. making it the biggest hit this year. took in $42 million. the call connected for 17 million. the invebl burt wonderstone was less than credible. my daughter, not me, saw "osz the great and powerful" said it was very good but the witch was very evil. coming up next on this monday, the crisis in california. a race to find out why sick sea lion pups are washing ashore. at cruise ship with tech call issues sets tail any way. or sets engines anyone way. ♪
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[ explosions ] gotta love implosions. a dramatic now you see it, now you don't image in texas. that bridge has been standing over 80 years over marble falls lake. all that steel won't go to waste. it will be recycled. for a look at your morning road conditions. slippery in the northwest. blowing snow makes for nasty commute over minnesota. detroit into the northeast. wet and windy highways across the south. airport delays possible, atlanta, d.c., philly, new york, boston, minneapolis, chicago, and detroit. police in quebec have tracked down two fuj fives after a brazen jailbreak. >> they climbed a rope into a helicopter that was hovering above. within hours, one of them was
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acre arre arrested. the second surrendered peacefully overnight. the pilot and the other person taken into custody. not clear what role they played. the carnival "legend xwts has left port to mexico. the coast guard cleared the ship to sail. the legend has a technical issue affecting speed. this is the fourth ship for carnival cruise line to experience troubles since last month. one passenger said she came prepared. the con man known around the world goes on trial in southern california known for murder. you might remember the case of clark rockefeller. the german man wasn't a rockefeller at all. he passed himself off as a member of high society for decades. he was sent to prison in 2009 for kidnapping his daughter. he's now on trial for killing his landlady in 1985.
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the high-profile trial of lindsay lohan is expected to start today. she apparently thought there were mechanical problems with the jet she was on and is scrambling to make her way west. madonna, never one to shy away from kroefrs, wore what looked like a boy scout leader's outfit at saturday's glaad awards. an influx of starving baby sea lions are washing ashore in unprecedented numbers. 'tises say for some reason there is not enough food to eat. one rescuer has saved 200 sea lion pups since january. 500 of them have washed ashore so far. a beloved family dog is reunited with his owner.
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the english springer spaniel named hendrix was supposed to go from new jersey to phoenix. there was a mishap at the airport. he ended up in ireland. his family was outraged. they were able to joke about the whole thing and said maybe he has guiness, corned beef, and cabbage. louisville, ind, kansas, and gonzaga are number one seeds heading into the tournament. let's get the latest from espn news. welcome in to your "sportscenter" update. i'm dario melendez. third quarter, heat up. 22 points and 12 boards for james. check out paul. the al lie eep to wade. a team high 24 point gos with 9 assis
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assists. the man of the fourth, ray allen. 4 for 6 from behind the arc. later in the fourth, allen, back to work. he scored 16 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter. the heat win, 108-91. 22-straight game win streak. miami looking for the first acc tournament title in school history. d.j. harrison with other things in mind in the first. he knocked down four treys in the first half. this one, good. a team high. miami up three at the break. in the second, shane larkin wheeling and dealing. largin, to gamble, for the dunk. put the kacanes up five. do it himself, drive, scores. larkin, a career high, 28 points. they're the two seed in the east. they'll take on pacific.
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that is our abc news story. ♪ y'all recognize that music. time now to check "the pulse," the stories we're talking about today. it starts with the competition for the coveted mirrorball trophy. d "dancing with the stars" returns for its 16th season. >> we have two on limp yarngs two country stars, and two comedians. who is the best dancer? tune in and see. get this, a slow fax machine threw a pro football player for a loss. defensive end elvis dumervil's contract with denver arrived in denver six minutes late, making him a free agent. the ipad has replaced playbooks. but the nfl still uses fax
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machines for the contracts. >> the good news is that several other teams are interested in him. he averaged 39 sacks year. this weekend, he sacked his agent. >> good for him. now two daredevils have pulled off a death defying stunt, soaring like eagles high above rio. >> they had special wing suits to help them glide through the air. they didn't stop there. they thread a needle through these two tiny openings between the sky scrapers. >> lucky for them, by the way, the weather cooperated. because an unexpected gust of wind could have made this a much different ending. >> just incredible. >> now, john, you said you wouldn't do that. >> no, i would not do that. >> not in a -- >> well, never say never, but i don't think so. >> i don't think i would do it either. ir to healthcare written by people just like you.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. 4:28 on this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. >> i am kira klapper here for eric thomas. mike nicco has the check of the forecast. >> good morning to you all out there. we have mostly clear skies and cool neither santa rosa and novato at 38. we have 41 in napa and fremont. 40 in livermore. everyone else in the mid-40's to 50 in antioch. we will have an increase in clouds as the system draws near but a mild day with temperatures in the middle 50's around the bay and 70 inland and upper 50's at the coast. how are you commutes, sue? >> quiet on monday morning. the bay bridge toll plaza has a couple of cars stacked up to pay
4:27 am
cash with a few of the toll lanes under maintenance. no major delays. an early stall on the upper deck. at central lafayette there is a solo spinout. otherwise, we just have road work looking at 880 from the embarcardero to oakland. >> at 4:29 we have breaking news from florida. hundreds of students are evacuated from a dorm in orlando. police have found explosive devices. officers discovered the explosives while investigating the death of a man at the university of central florida. it appears to be suicide. police found an assault women and explosive devices on the scene they evacuated 500 students and closed a parking garage. the school has canceled classes through noon as a precaution. >> happening right now, hundreds of thousands of bart commuters
4:28 am
notice a change. this whole week there will be a change. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, has a look at the experimental program. >> they will allow bicycles on board. you will be forced to get along, both cyclists and non-cyclists. barts wants to know if they can co-exist. the first three trains will still be bike-free but they are allowed on board all week even during rush hour. bart wants to encourage bicycling. many of the parking lots of full. it can be tough to find rooms to fit the bicycles. often, the trains are full of people dressed nicely for work, some complain when the bicycles are shored office and they could get bicycle grease on their clothes. it is hard for the two to fit in
4:29 am
together. bart says let's try it and try to make this happen. they are asking for good etiquette if the train is full, they ask bicyclists to wait. they are asking everyone to try to use patience this week. try and see if it can work. they want your feedback. there will a survey starting today. go online and give your fed back and bart know what you think. try to use an open mind and try this out and see what you think. >> thank you. a north bay community grieves over the loss of a 14-year-old killed in a tragic racing accident. the students at the middle school in santa rosa gathered to remember marcus johnson, one of two people in the pit area at the raceway park killed by an out-of-control sprint car that was driven by his cousin, 17-year-old chase


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